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The Ultimate Guide to Using Open Courseware: 70+ Apps, Search Engines and Resources for Free Learning PDF Print E-mail
While you can't get college credit for taking open courseware classes, you can earn high school credit and you can certainly make the most of the information and education they offer both in personal and professional aspects of your life. After all, even if you're not working towards a degree, taking the same courses as those in the ivy league can't possibly hurt you! So how can you make the most of these free online courses? Here are resources that can help you search for classes, find information and learn everything you need to know about how open courseware works.

Here are the categories:

Search Engines and Directories
Open Courseware Collections
Educational TV
Resources, Articles and Guides

In addition to access to free lectures, workshops, conferences, classes, and books that can help you learn without spending a dime, these sites can give you the information and understanding of open courseware you need in order to make decisions about what programs, courses and universities will work best for your homeschooler.

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