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Dual enrollment is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. College credits earned through dual enrollment can be simultaneously applied toward high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities. Basically, a 3-credit semester college course equals a full year, one-credit high school class. Dual enrollment programs at community colleges and four-year institutions are common across Alabama, and include all of the two-year colleges except Ingram State Technical College and Marion Military Institute.

One of the many benefits of dual enrollmnet includes getting a jump-start on college, usually at a significantly reduced tuition, allowing students to graduate from college early or on time. Plus, dual enrollment makes the transition from high school to college easier because students can get a taste of what college is like without being completely overwhelmed by the college experience. Dual enrollment also provides high school students with a chance to get core courses out of the way and gives them a wider range of courses so they have the opportunity to explore different fields before declaring a major. Additionally, dual enrollment offers a chance for students who do not qualify to take AP classes to demonstrate a more rigorous courseload on their transcripts.

Many colleges accept homeschoolers for dual enrollment classes in their sophomore, junior or senior years. Generally, students eligible for dual enrollment must have a certain GPA, minimum ACT or SAT score, and a letter of recommendation from the homeschool leader. This letter is more for verification that the student is, indeed, enrolled in the church school as required by law and that the church school is aware of the student's dual enrollment status.

Some institutions, such as Faulkner University, offer their dual enrollment classes at a significantly reduced tuition, while others charge full rate. Check with the school to determine its cost.

Colleges and Universities
In the greater Montgomery County area, the following colleges and universities offer dual enrollment or early admission:

Contact your local colleges or universities, or check their web sites for information about dual enrollment.

Most Outlook Academy students dual enroll in Faulkner University in Montgomery. To request the required letter of recommendation from the Outlook Academy administrator, mail a request to Outlook Academy (P.O. Box 1027, Millbrook, AL 36054) along with a self-addressed stamped envelope addressed either to you or to the school admissions department. There is no extra charge for the letter.

Deadlines vary from June 30 through August 1 for the upcoming fall semester to mid-October for the spring semester. Do not wait until the admission deadline to begin the process as this may take a few weeks to complete.