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Whether you have an only child or you're homeschooling one and sending the others to school, you are just as nervous about educating your one child as a parent who is educating two, three or six. You want to teach him what he needs to know and you want him to socialize. Here are some tips that may help you:

Fortunately, you are free to choose what is best for your child as Alabama does not require the use of a particular curriculum nor does it require certain subjects. Additionally, you can tailor the curriculum to just your one child and spend as much time as you need on certain subjects without worrying about finding time for your other children.

Click on Curriculum on the Homeschool Info menu for homeschool curriculum reviews, advice on how to choose, modify, and implement any curriculum as well as information to order the Alabama State History Curriculum for grades 1-9.

Whether your child is just beginning his formal education or you have withdrawn him from a public or private school, you will feel anxious about his socialization. You and your child will likely find friends and socialization opportunities in your local support group or a local homeschool co-op. However, resist the urge to become involved in too many activities. Making one or two close homeschool friends will likely be better than being around large groups of children.

Click on Support Groups on the Homeschool Info menu for a statewide list and attend the next meeting of your local group.

Extracurricular Activities

Is your homeschooler interested in learning a particular musical instrument or art, drama, gymnastics, sports, cheerleading or Scouts? Want a P.E. program or a driver's ed class? Need help with algebra? What about something a little different, like fencing or horseback riding? Maybe your homechooler just wants to get together with other homeschoolers to roller skate, go on field trips, or help out in the community. Various activities, classes, clubs, co-ops, organizations -- as well as purely social groups -- are available in the Montgomery, Elmore and Autauga County areas.

Click on Extracurricular Activities on the Homeschool Info menu for an extensive list of activities in the tri-county area.

Academy Days Co-op
Academy Days Co-op is a Christian homeschool co-op open to preschool through high school homeschoolers of any church school covering, whether Outlook Academy or another one. The co-op meets at Coosada Baptist Church (near Millbrook) on Thursdays for 14 weeks during the fall and 14 weeks in the spring for classes difficult to teach at home or best taught in group settings, such as P.E., computer, art, and science labs. Classes vary depending on student interest and volunteer teachers, but fees are extremely affordable since they pay only for class supplies. Most classes cost between $2 and $15 for the entire 14 weeks.

The co-op is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to learn, socialize and support one another. For high schoolers, it provides accountability, access to experts in various high school level subjects, and quality time with fellow teenagers. For younger students, the co-op offers both enrichment and socilization opportunities. For more information, go to http://www.academydays.com.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you find the resources and confidence necessary to homeschool your one child successfully.