Outlook Academy!

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Outlook Academy is a homeschool ministry of Prattville Primitive Baptist Church, located at 370 E. Main Street in Prattville.

However, please do not contact the church or the pastors with homeschooling or Outlook Academy questions. They are not involved in the day-to-day administration of Outlook Academy, so they will not be able to answer your questions. Instead, click on Frequent Questions or Enrollment & Forms on the main menu for answers to your questions about homeschooling or enrolling in Outlook Academy. You may also click on Contact Us on the menu to get the office phone number and office hours. Thank you for your consideration!

About the Church

The Church is a small congregation, but we are rich in God’s love. We enjoy a closeness and involvement in each other's lives and are able to laugh and cry together, mourn and rejoice together. We seek to edify our brothers' and sisters' walk with Christ as we seek opportunities to serve God’s children and praise and worship The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. God has blessed us with mercy and grace. We owe Him everything and are grateful for any opportunity to share His abundance with you.

Meeting Times
We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. for a Worship Service. We entreat you to remember us when you pray and visit when you can. Click here for a map from MapQuest.com. God bless you. We thank God for you.

Contact Information
Please do not contact the Abernathys or Herrings regarding homeschooling. If you have questions about the church, please feel free to reach out to:
Elder Jerry and Sister Pam Abernathy, 334-365-2040
Elder Richard and Sister Lori Herring, 334-358-5430, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

370 E. Main Street
Prattville, AL 36067
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Prattville Primitive Baptist Church was constituted in the spring of 1981, first meeting in the community room of a local bank. About two years after the church was constituted, we bought a small house and remodeled it to serve as the sanctuary and fellowship hall. Ten years later we constructed an addition and remodeled again.

Our first Pastor was Elder David P. Bridgman. The P. stood for Pinkney, an accurate description of his eyes and skin because he was an albino. Seen by so many as an affliction, God meant this condition for Dave’s good. Legally blind all of his life, he made a living as a traveling salesman and then owned his own store. He married Mary “Carrie” Short and together they worked and raised a wonderful family.

God used them to further His church and spread His message of love and grace. God gave him a song to sing and a joy for life that was inspiring. He is remembered by this church as a saint of God. Both he and Sister Carrie were beautiful examples of love, loyalty, and determination. They were a great blessing to this church. Elder Bridgman stepped down from the pastorship of the church in 1985. However, Elder Dave and Sister Carrie Bridgman remained faithful and active members until their health would no longer allow it. Eld. Dave’s legacy is love. He loved his Lord and he loved his brethren. Both Brother Dave and Sister Carrie are sorely missed by those of us who knew and loved them.

Elder Jerry M. Abernathy stepped into the office of pastor at the calling of the congregation in 1985. He and his wife, Pam, have raised two daughters, Alice and Lyla, who are both homeschool graduates. The Abernathys live only a couple of blocks from the church and bless the congregation with warm hospitality in their home for many parties, weddings, and celebrations. They are currently raising and homeschooling their grandchildren, Johnathan and Audrey.

Assisting Elder Jerry with the pastorship is Elder Richard Herring. He and his wife, Lori, also live in Prattville and have been with the church since the summer of 2004. They are blessed to have four sons, Wesley, Garrett, Brennan and Jonah, whom they homeschool. Wesley graduated homeschool in 2007.

Homeschool Ministry
Outlook Academy is not the church's first homeschool ministry; it is actually part of an on-going ministry to homeschoolers that first began in 1988.

As part of our love and obedience to the Lord, Prattville Primitive Baptist Church began a homeschool ministry to allow our families to educate our children as the Lord directs, in compliance with the laws of Alabama. This school covering was constituted in 1988 and currently goes by the name Prattville Academy. We have been blessed to provide support and guidance to many families over the years. Our current students are blessed to have several of church members, in addition to their parents, directly involved in their education, and all are supported with the prayers and love of the congregation. We have provided the building as a meeting place for various activities and school related clubs, as the Spirit directs.

With the endorsement of Outlook Academy under the administration of Daniel and Carren Joye, many more families will be able to continue their family’s homeschooling journey. We are so grateful to the Lord to be able to assist even more families to follow the Spirit in the education of their children, and we are blessed to support this new ministry with prayers and supplications.

We welcome any and all to visit us at Prattville Primitive Baptist Church, and we covet your prayers for our pastors and congregation, for our nation and community, and for all our ministries.