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  • Homeschool Help   ( 24 Articles )

    These feature articles provide practical advice and information about various aspects of homeschooling, not including curriculum. Topics covered here include homeschool conferences, driver's education, co-ops, read alouds, tutoring, homeschooling more than one child, and preparing for high school.

  • Support Group Help   ( 9 Articles )

    We highly recommend participation in a local homeschool support group. These articles provide information on finding, starting and managing a homeschool support group.

  • Curriculum   ( 6 Articles )

    Alabama does not require the use of a particular curriculum nor does it require certain subjects, so you are free to choose what is best for your child. These articles feature homeschool curriculum reviews, advice on how to choose, modify, and implement any curriculum as well as information to order the Alabama State History Curriculum. (For Internet resources for free lesson plans or online classes, click on Homeschool For Free on the Homeschool Info menu.)

  • Internet Resources   ( 12 Articles )

    Homeschool your child for free using free curriculum guides, worksheets, educational materials, lesson plans, reference materials, and more!